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Find Niche Ideas That Are Already Proven to Bring Organic Search Engine Traffic!

Search and sort thousands of niche content sites or niche ecommerce sites by key metrics and learn what works the best for them and why? Learn to avoid mistakes and steer your website building journey directly to success. Also, find an ideal niche for your next business and never run out of ideas.

What Can You Learn from Successful Websites?

When you study successful niche websites, you can learn exactly how they're driving decent traffic from search engines.

  • You can find 'how many & which keywords they're ranking for and reciving traffic?'
  • You can understand 'what they're doing right?' (and you can do the same for your sites).
  • How many backlinks and what kind of backlinks they have?
  • How quickly they acheived it? How much traffic they're receiving from organic search ranking?
  • What are their content marketing and SEO strategies?
  • How they're monetized?
  • Find weak spots and how you can do it better?

Study Content Strategy, Monetization, Number of Backlinks and...

Find Niche Content and eCommerce Sites, Analyze Their Success and Build Better!

AffSync's huge database of 1,60,000+ sites allows you to find sites which are thriving and driving thousands or millions of visitors per month. For each site in our database, we show data related to traffic, backlinks, age, keywords, DA/DR, estimated revenue and so much more so you can filter and pinpoint niches you want to understand about or target. You can search them them by niche topics. You can also find new niches which has low entry barrier and much more...

Content Sites by Monetization

  • Adsense - 48,000+ Sites
  • Mediavine - 7,400+ Sites
  • Adthrive - 4,000+ Sites
  • Ezoic - 1,096 Sites
  • Taboola - 2,300+ Sites
  • TheMoneytizer - 1,900+ Sites
  • Other Networks - 10,000+ Sites

eCommerce Stores by Platforms

  • Shopify - 29,000+ Sites
  • WooCommerce - 38,000+ Sites
  • Magento - 11,000 Sites
  • BigCommerce - 5,000+ Sites
  • Prestashop - 1,100+ Sites
  • Opencart - 1,000+ Sites
  • Other Platforms - 2,000+ Sites

Data Filter Options

  • SEO Metrics Such as Unique Linking Domains, Backlinks, DR or DA, Indexed Pages etc.
  • Traffic Metrics Such as Total Traffic, Search Traffic, Keywords etc.
  • Website Age
  • TLD filter such as .com, .net, .uk, .org etc..
  • Monetization filter for Content sites such as Adsense, Adthrive, Ezoic, Munumetrcs, Mediavine etc.
  • Platform filter for eCommerce sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce or Woocommerce etc.


sites receives monthly 5,000 or more visitors or


sites receives monthly 50,000 or more visitors


sites ranks for atleast1,500 keywords in top 100 positions on Google!

Make informed decisions!

Our databases do not include extremely low traffic or low quality sites. In fact, they were filtered out already to remove unnecessary noise!

To put things into perspective, out of 76k website from our content niche database, there are...

What We Do?

Focus on what is right and what is working

The genesis of most successful online businesses is they work smart and not hard. How will you know which online business is sucessful? You need to find various patterns such as a number of links, number of keywords, KD, Volume and what keywords they're ranking on.

Find Untapped Niches

Sites that are receiving search traffic with fewer efforts from Untapped niches.

Filter by Traffic

You can combine sites with less domain rating or backlinks and yet receive decent traffic.

Filter by Ad Networks

Niche content sites you can filter by monetization such as Ezoic, Adthrive, Monumetrics etc...

Instant Access

Access 76,000+ Niche content and 88,000+ eCommerce sites - A total 1,60,000+ sites

Our Pricing

We offer simple pricing, You can pay monthly, yearly or buy lifetime access.

Monthly Plan


$16 mo
  • Affiliate Program Research Tool - 55000+ Affiliate Programs
  • Amazon Top Selling Products Finder - 2.4 Million+ Top Selling Products
  • Amazon Niche Topic Research Tool - 85000+ Niche Topics
  • Niche Website Research Tool - 76,000+ Niche Websites
  • eCommerce Niche Website Research Tool - 88,000+ eCommerce Sites
  • Guest Blog Finder Tool - Find From 10,000+ Sites
  • Future Updates & Upgrades Included Until Subscription is Active
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied.
  • Monthly Access
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Lifetime Plan


$249 One-time
  • Affiliate Program Research Tool - 55000+ Affiliate Programs
  • Amazon Top Selling Products Finder - 2.4 Million+ Top Selling Products
  • Amazon Niche Topic Research Tool - 85000+ Niche Topics
  • Niche Website Research Tool - 76,000+ Niche Websites
  • eCommerce Niche Website Research Tool - 88,000+ eCommerce Sites
  • Guest Blog Finder Tool - Find From 10,000+ Sites
  • Future Updates & Upgrades Included Lifetime
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied.
  • Lifetime Access
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How can i use the database of 1,60,000 niche sites?

Our database allows you to study 160k top sites that are doing exceptionally well when it comes to search engine traffic. This will allow you to understand why they're receiving tremendous traffic from search engines. You can find sites with minimal backlinks and still thriving SEOWise. For each site you'll be able to see a number of metrics such as the total visitors a site receives, total number of pages each site has and a lot more crucial info.

So the pricing of $249/year includes lifetime access to the tool?

That's correct. We don't offer monthly payment options. You can either subscribe to yearly Subscription or life time access deal. Note that our lifetime access plan will be available for limited period only.

What SEO Metrics i can use to sort/filter the database?

For both eCommerce and Content niche sites, we have option to filter through DA, DR, Unique domain backlinks, total backlinks, indexed pages count and website age as the options to sort and filter. Additionally for eCommerce database you can filter using platform they're built on and For Content sites, you can filter using "Monetization Methods" they're using.

Is there any free trial?

We don't offer any free trial but you can submit your name and email so we can setup a limited data demo account, which you can use to test how our service works.

Do i need to download anything? How do i access all the tools?

All our tools are web based. You can simply login to your account to access all the tools.

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