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The Largest Database of Top Quality Affiliate Programs on the Web!

Our comprehensive affiliate program research tool includes more than 55,000 affiliate programs. Used by 500+ internet marketers, It also includes mission-critical data for most affiliate programs, such as EPC, conversion rates, commissions rates and so much more!

Find Affiliate Programs Like You Never Did Before!

There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs. If you don't monetize your traffic with the right affiliate programs, you may be losing hundreds or sometimes thousands in affiliate commissions. Ask any super affiliate and you'll know that metrics such as EPC, conversion rates, etc matters more than just commission rates.

That's why we created an affiliate program research tool. A must-have tool for every affiliate marketer.

  • Find the Best Affiliate Programs by Niches or Simply Search by Keywords.
  • Options to Filter among various programs.
  • Sort and Filter From 40+ Networks.
  • 20+ Data Points: Filter by critical data such as an average EPC, conversion rates, and so much that's sometimes not available even on affiliate networks.
  • All this and much more from single dashboard!

We Did All The Hard Work, So, You Don't Have To!

Data Driven. Save Hours in Searching and Finalizing the Perfect Affiliate Program!

Not just a list of programs but everything you ever required to select an ideal partner program, monetize your traffic, or get started with affiliate marketing!

Filter by Country

Select country or currency if you're looking for a program from a specific country or location.

Filter by Commissions

Some affiliate programs offer 1% commissions, while some offer 85% or even 100%! Not all affiliate programs are created equal.

Sort by Networks

Shareasale, CJ, AWIN, Privately Hosted, or Something else? Our database includes programs from 40+ networks and growing! very fast

Program by Types

Software, SaaS or Service? eCommerce stores or Online apps? There is a variety of affiliate programs, even for one single niche.

Signup Directly

Simply click on signup links and directly signup to the relevant affiliate program. Save your time! No searching and browsing and figuring out how to sign up.

Cookie Lifetime Matters!

There are generous affiliate programs that give you commissions even after 360 days, and there are programs that only allow 24 hours. You know them all in a single click.

Frequently Updated

Our yearly or lifetime plan includes lifetime updates. Once you buy, no further upgrades!

Super Affiliate Tool

You focus on a marketing campaign or traffic building, let AffSync help you select the right monetization option for your traffic.

Commission Types

One-time commissions or recurring commissions? CPS or CPA? Find affiliate programs with all the relevant data.

Money Back Guarantee

Not happy for whatever reason? Ask for hassle free refund within 7 days. It is as simple as that.

Bounce rate

(Coming soon!) What is the average bounce rate of the landing page? One critical aspect when you want to learn about quality affiliate programs.

Access with a single click!

40+ Networks, Thousands of Niches!

And it is only growing, so if Something is missing, you'll find it soon.

But Wait! There is More!

AffSync is much more than just an affiliate program research tool. Every plan includes all the affiliate and niche research tools you'll ever need. These tools mentioned below are VALUED(worth $347) and included with all plans for FREE.


Amazon Top Product Finder Tool (worth $149)

Are you into amazon affiliate marketing? Search more than 2.4 million top selling products to promote with data such as estimated total sales, average commissions, average EPC and everything you need to boost your Amazon affiliate revenue. Currently support millions of products from five different markets.

User Cases: (1) If you have a niche website, simply identify what are the top selling products on amazon by searching through keywords or by filtering them through category and you can begin monetizing your existing articles by Inserting top performing Amazon products. (2) Filter top Amazon products by sales volumes and create your content according such as writing reviews about those products, write listicles and more.

Learn More

Amazon Topic Finder Tool(Worth $99)

Want to enter into new niche market or start a new Niche website? Find among 70,000 plus niche topics from 5 different countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India). Sort niche topic by estimated sales on amazon, average product's sales data, topic's search volumes, popularity and so much more.

Learn More

Niche Site Research Tool (Worth $99)

Explore 1,60,000+ Successful Niches Sites and Find niche ideas that are already proven to bring organic search engine traffic! Search and sort thousands of niche content sites or niche ecommerce sites by key metrics and learn what works the best for them and why? Learn to avoid mistakes and steer your website building journey directly to success.

Use Cases: (1) Find how can you rank your website and build traffic. Filter sites by number of backlinks they have, how they're monetized, what platform they're using, how old they're, their DR/DA and many other metrics.

Learn More

Our Pricing

We offer simple pricing, You can pay monthly, yearly or buy lifetime access.

Monthly Plan


$16 mo
  • Affiliate Program Research Tool - 55000+ Affiliate Programs
  • Amazon Top Selling Products Finder - 2.4 Million+ Top Selling Products
  • Amazon Niche Topic Research Tool - 85000+ Niche Topics
  • Niche Website Research Tool - 76,000+ Niche Websites
  • eCommerce Niche Website Research Tool - 88,000+ eCommerce Sites
  • Guest Blog Finder Tool - Find From 10,000+ Sites
  • Future Updates & Upgrades Included Until Subscription is Active
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied.
  • Monthly Access
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Lifetime Plan


$249 One-time
  • Affiliate Program Research Tool - 55000+ Affiliate Programs
  • Amazon Top Selling Products Finder - 2.4 Million+ Top Selling Products
  • Amazon Niche Topic Research Tool - 85000+ Niche Topics
  • Niche Website Research Tool - 76,000+ Niche Websites
  • eCommerce Niche Website Research Tool - 88,000+ eCommerce Sites
  • Guest Blog Finder Tool - Find From 10,000+ Sites
  • Future Updates & Upgrades Included Lifetime
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied.
  • Lifetime Access
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What Payment Options do you Offer?

Currently we offer Payment through PayPal and Credit Cards (Secure payment through stripe).

Can i buy access to any single tool?

Our pricing includes access to all the tools with single payment. We don't sell access to individual tool separately.

Who can use these tool? Is this for me?

We have five different tools. They cover range of features and useful for internet marketers, affiliate marketers, youtube product reviews, dropshippers and anyone who want to get started with online business.

What does future upgrade and update includes?

It includes all the updates related to data (such as data/metrics updates), inclusion of new data as well as any new tool we may add to our suite.

Is there any free trial?

We don't offer any free trial but you can submit your name and email so we can setup a limited data demo account, which you can use to test how our service works.

Do i need to download anything? How do i access all the tools?

All our tools are web based. You can simply login to your account to access all the tools.

Happy Customers

Already used by more than 500 internet markters.

“I have been using AffSync tools since it was called SolidNiches, and it has been a game changer for my business. I purchased a lifetime plan, and only two tools were included at that time. Things have improved a lot ever since. I have got three additional tools without paying extra. The tools provided have helped me make informed decisions and increase my profits, especially for affiliate monetization.”

Stephen Doyle

Affiliate Marketer

“I find all five tools of a great value considering the price and one time deal. The amazon product finder, amazon niche finder as well as the main affiliate research tool are DEFINITELY BIG TIME SAVERS and extremely useful.”

Laura Clark

Niche Site Builder

“Very happy with this purchase, guys, This is a value-for-money deal considering the MASSIVE DATA set they include. I find all five tools very useful. For a niche research tool alone (with fewer data and options), I paid $150 last year, so all five tools at this price are a deal worth not missing. I am also happy with the quick support. Hope you include eBay data research tool soon too.”

Amit Sharma

Internet Marketer

An All In One Affiliate Research Suite

One Plan - Five Different Research Tools

Don't buy different plans and subscriptions. One plan includes access to all five tools.


Amazon Niche topic ideas


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Affiliate/Partner program's database.


Content Niche Websites


Amazon Top selling products with critical data.

Trusted by 500+ users.

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